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Anonymous asked: Any spells for energy and well being? To feel alive ?



Here’s one Hoodoo trick from Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic:

For Strength, Energy, and Pain Relief: “Master of the Woods and Sampson Snake Root worn in the shoe will prevent or delay tiredness. The same herbs are mixed with Holy Oil, let to sit seven days and strained; the
resultant oil makes a good rub to ease muscle pains in the neck and shoulders.”

And here are some charms from Valerie Worth’s Crone’s Book of Magical Words and Crone’s Book of Charms and Spells:

For an Improved State of Health

"Fold in a scrap of velvet cloth
These treasures six to bring you health:
Leaves of tea, flowers of lavender,
Ginger and salt and clove and camphor;
Tie up the charm with scarlet thread,
Keep it beside your nightly bed;
Breathe it waking every day –
You must be healed, and healed must stay.”

For an Elixir of Honey

"When the day approaches noon,
Hold up honey to the sun,
That their double gold may run
Shining together, mixed as one.
Drink these spoonfuls,
Then say this:
Sun charge me,
Gold serve me,
Alchemy change me,
Honey preserve me.”

A Charm for a Renewal of the Spirit

"This shall be done in winter, when leaves are dead and the spirit dark. Bring home from a willow tree that stands by frozen water twelve live wands, stand them in a vessel of water, and feed them with new water every morning until their leaves are born anew from the dormant buds. While these are soft and of a pale green, strip them all from the twigs and with a pestle, in a mortar, pound them to a paste. Spread this out in a shallow dish, set at a sunny window, and when the paste is dry, powder it in the same mortar where it was first prepared. Add some sweet scented oil, a few drops, to this dust, and then, at night, burn it as an offering before twelve yellow candles. While it burns, say this:
All that was dead is not dead.
All that was dark is not dark.
The spirit is fire. The spirit is eternal.
The spirit is one spirit – the spirit of all spirits,
And that one holds the fire of the cosmos.
Breathe here now, and so shall the cosmos breathe,
And of its own breath shall the cosmos be made anew.
Save the ashes of the incense in a small wooden box, tied about with threads of gold, and keep it always near as a charm to invoke the influences of the foregoing ceremony all year long.”

(I feel as though that last one is more of a seasonal depression sort of cure, but it will function under alternative applications easily.)

These are all I’ve got! Hope they help!

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Doktor Johannes Faust’s Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis, oder Dreifacher Höllenzwang, leiztes Testament und Siegelkuns [Bibliothek der Zanber-Geheimnisse-und Offenbarungs-Bucher], Prague, ca. 1587.

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Broom Cleansing Spell



  1. Use and broom to sweep the dust from the west to the east.
  2. Burn the dust and toss the ashes outside.
  3. Complete the ritual by mopping the floors with a magical floor wash and follow by a protective incense fumigation.

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Tarot Question

I’m looking for insight into a stalker card I’ve had lately — not just the same card but also the same position. I’ve been reading on a romantic relationship and I keep getting The Empress in a “how will X act toward me/make manifest their thoughts and feelings” position.

I’ve read about and researched the card itself and so on but I’m not entirely sure of what to make of that card in that position. It seems like I really should try to get the message but I feel sort of stumped. That card isn’t usually one of the tough ones to read but in this context I feel like I could really use some additional perspective. Like, this dynamic doesn’t have anything to do with mothering or maternal stuff.

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here’s a sigil i made a while ago. :P


here’s a sigil i made a while ago. :P

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The Realest Divination


How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like

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